Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring Brand Ambassadors

Here’s what you need to know:

In the rise of the almighty internet and social media world, businesses are expected to be more connected to their customers than ever before. Not only is social media presence critical, creating a community within your business audience adds a brand loyalty that you will fall head over heels in love with. Hiring brand ambassadors is a great way to increase social engagement online, build real connections with your audience, and create room for your brand’s personality to shine through.


Now what exactly is a brand ambassador? These are loyal volunteers who believe in your product, service, or idea and promote what you do and how awesome you do it. What can a brand ambassador really do for you?


Let’s dig deeper.


Build real connections with your audience by having brand ambassadors act as a liaison between your business and your customers. Whether they’re promoting you online or at an event, these ambassadors give real testimonials and reviews on what makes your business so great. Many people are more apt to listening to their friends or people like them. Brand ambassadors bring your business to audiences you may not have been able to reach on your own. They also provide some human touch to your business which makes you more relatable and ultimately more comfortable to trust.

Increase social engagement and brand awareness by coming up with hashtags for your ambassadors to use. If you have a product based business that people can review, work with online influencers like YouTubers and bloggers to write reviews on your products. Here at DASH, our interns are eager to spread the news about what we’re up to. Having other people start discussions on what your company is doing is a great way to expand your social reach.

Show some brand personality and have a little fun because brand ambassadors are going to be your favorite cheerleaders. People search popular sites for reviews on new services and products every day. Create a spirit team of ambassadors. It’s a great foot in the door way to get your name at the top of someone’s tongue with a positive two thumbs up.


And there it is. Just three reasons for you to consider how great brand ambassadors can be for your business. As a DASH intern, I’m here to tell you we mean what we say. For more tips on things to consider when building your brand ( check out more on the DASH blog.


And by the way, who does your marketing?

USBC Hosts 2017 School of Chamber and Business Management Conference – Washington, D.C.

IMG_0947The United States Black Chambers hosted the School of Chamber and Business Management Conference June 14th – June 16th, 2017.

USBC President Ron Busby opened the conference with Welcome Remarks sharing a detailed recap of USBC’s 2016 accomplishments as well as the USBC goals and initiatives for 2017. Attendees also learned about the new SBA-back guaranteed loan program for USBC members launching in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

The conference was broken down into four categories: General Session, Established Business Owners, Chamber Development and Millennial Entrepreneur. Read more

Dash Marketing Sponsors the I AM SHE Women Power Conference – Washington, DC – Nov. 5, 2016

The I AM SHE WOMEN POWER CONFERENCE helps underserved women build confidence, skills and support systems to educate/empower themselves for change. Barriers include poverty, prejudice, language, isolation, gender, violence and a lack of access to take advantage of resources and/or opportunities. This conference bridges generational, racial and socio-economic gaps by bringing women of power together from various backgrounds.

The Inaugural I AM SHE WOMEN POWER CONFERENCE  will be held on Saturday, November 5, 2016 at The Holliday Inn Express 14402 Laurel Pl. Laurel, MD, 10am – 6pm. During this conference participants will enjoy interactive and intimate presentations from dynamic women leaders within various industries.

2016 Conference Speakers Include:

  • Maureen Umeh, Emmy Awarded News Anchor WTTG FOX 5
  • Mpumi Nobiva, Graduate of Oprah Winfrey’s Leadership Academy for Girls, International Motivational & Empowerment Speaker
  • Uche Ibezue, Founder of I AM SHE WPC, Award Winning Designer of Omak Designs and Motivational Speaker
  • Cheryl Wood, CEO of Personal Power Enterprises and Founder of the Play Time Is Over Women In Business Conference and the Do It, Love It, Rock It Training Program
  • Jenette Hordge-Smith, CEO, DASH Coordinating & Marketing, LLC
  • Anne Etoke, Foundr & CEO of The Africa Gas Association and Managing Director of West Africa
  • Queenette Nwobodo, Relationship Expert, Life Strategist & Counselor, Love Amaka
  • Nkechi Enwerem, Assistant Professor at Howard University, First Lady of TGM and Wellness Coach
  • Alisa L. Brock, Founder, A Work In Progress Theatre Company and Owner of
  • Remi Duyile, Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Influence Strategist Expert & Financial Educator
  • Pastor Ify Nathan, Executive Pastor at Glory Center Family Church
  • Marquita Bianca, Wellness Coach and Founder, Baila Fuzon Dance Company
  • Dwarna Maura, Success Strategist, Entrepreneur and Author of Unleash The Greatness Inside of You
  • Latoya Scott, Founder of FTM Fahsion Week, I AM SHE North Carolina Delegate

Read more

DASH Marketing Receives Official Certificate of Appreciation From Prince Georges’s County

Dash Coordinating and Marketing, Pure Media Group and Capitol Cadillac highlighted the most influential leaders in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia community with the 3rd Annual Standard Of Living Honors event presented in part by 2016 Cadillac CT6 and sponsored in part by NAI Michael Company, Pure Alkaline Water and Courvoisier. This event was designed to honor prestigious leaders within the community in categories such as Education, Health and Wellness.

This is an annual event gave back to two non-profit organizations within the community. The goal of the event was to raise money for local organizations and bring the community together to highlight the accomplishments of its community leaders. The Standard of Living Honors was hosted by Stacii Jae Johnson, reality star from BET’s TV series From The Bottom Up, actress and radio personality and Guy Lambert of WPGC 95.5FM. The event took place on April 10, 2016 at Capitol Cadillac in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Dash Coordinating and Marketing, LLC was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by County Council member Mel Franklin in recognition of our dedication and commitment to bringing the community together.

Marketing Isn’t Magic

features-small1Is the first question that comes to mind when we see outdated websites, faded graphic designs and outdated content. However, it is important to understand that marketing cannot solve fundamental business development issues.

Often times we are faced with the challenge of bringing clients to the next level of their brand development although there are loop holes and voids in the foundation in which their business is built on. Some of those loop holes include:

1. Outdated Business Software – This results in the inefficiency of generating reports that essentially provide direction for most marketing strategies. An outdated business software can also prevent DASH from executing effective strategies due to the lack of information retrieval. Read more

Top 5 Things To Consider When Building Your Brand

Top_BrandsA company’s brand is a short but comprehensive embodiment of everything the company stands for. When consumers see the “Swoosh,” they immediately connect it with not only the Nike company, but with everything the Nike brand has to offer. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. Great branding separates a company from competition and creates brand identity/recognition with consumers. Your brand is like your signature, it is used to identify yourself, your work, and assures customers that your product lives up to your standards.

On a recent trip to Miami, a friend of mine asked me to assist him with branding his new art collective and design firm. Working on his project inspired me to come up with 5 solid concepts that others could use to build their own brand. Here are the top 5 things DASH feels a client should take into consideration when embarking on the brand building process:

1) Identify Your Target Audience

Your brand’s “target audience” is the specific group who your product or service is trying to reach. In order to reach this group you need to first figure out who they are. Ask yourself these questions: “who would buy my products?,” “who currently buys my products?,” “where does this group shop at or frequent?,” “what other interests do they have and how can you best cater to these interests?.” Your brand can’t be all things to all people. However, your brand identity should be based to some extent on who your target customers want and need you to be. Read more

You Are A Brand: A Good Business Card = A Good Image

“First impressions are lasting ones…”

You Are A BrandOne of the most powerful marketing tools is your business card. Business cards are used by small and large businesses in order to communicate the company’s brand and services. However, there is a strategy to building a business card that will produce results, avoid the trashcan and bring clients back to the business. Although technology has provided online networking platforms, traditional business cards are vital in successful face-to-face networking and relationship building.

Business Card Design – You do not want a business card that looks boring, sloppy, crowded or unclear. The design of your business card should be creative, unique and strategic so that the most vital information pops out to the client immediately. The overall appeal of the card should be consistent with the color and marketing scheme of your other branding items for the business at large. Lastly, the design of the card should be unique and different so that it is easily recognizable when added to a large pile of other cards. Read more

HOW TO: Incorporate Social Networking Into Your Daily Life

socialSocial media has made it possible to effectively market yourself and/or your business worldwide. For this reason, the world of online social networking is not going anywhere any time soon. In 2012, and for years to come, it is imperative that you learn how to strategically incorporate social media maintenance into your daily life. For some, this is easy but for others the thought of constantly keeping your “followers”, “friends” and “fans” virtually entertained can seem nearly impossible.

Below you will find a few quick tips on how to effectively maintain your social media profiles while living your daily life:

Mobile Integration:
If you own a smart phone the first thing you should do is download all of the social media applications you use. (Example: Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc.) Almost every major social media platform has developed a mobile application. Once you have installed these apps make sure you login so that you will always be connected.

TIP: If the application ask if you would like “Push Notifications” select [Yes]. This means that you will receive notices if someone messages you or post on your profile page. With these notifications you will be more inclined to respond immediately as oppose to weeks later. Read more

The Benefits of Monthly Website Maintenance

globeinhandIt’s one thing to develop a new web site or redesign an old one, but it’s also quite another thing to keep one up to date. Many sites are cluttered with dust, trash, and bugs… that is, they’re poorly maintained and the content is noticeably out of date, the links are broken, the consistency of style had degraded, the excellence and relevance are gone. They have become cyber ghost towns. For the short term, you may need a web site tune-up or spring cleaning or long-term you may need a some outside help or a contract webmaster.

Web Site Tune-ups, Overhauls, and Spring Cleaning

Sometimes a web site needs a Spring Cleaning so to speak. Your company webmaster has his/her hands full keeping up with all of the expectaions from different internal customers. It’s often hard to back from the trees and see the forest – the big picture of what is going on with your web site and how it is percieved by people outside your organization – your customers. DASH can do this for you. We have years of experience providing that outside perspective on how your web site is doing. We can provide the quick overhaul that your web site needs:

  • Content freshness
  • Navigation that makes sense
  • Fast loading pages
  • Accurate Meta data and Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics for targeted search and social marketing

Read more

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