Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring Brand Ambassadors

Here’s what you need to know:

In the rise of the almighty internet and social media world, businesses are expected to be more connected to their customers than ever before. Not only is social media presence critical, creating a community within your business audience adds a brand loyalty that you will fall head over heels in love with. Hiring brand ambassadors is a great way to increase social engagement online, build real connections with your audience, and create room for your brand’s personality to shine through.


Now what exactly is a brand ambassador? These are loyal volunteers who believe in your product, service, or idea and promote what you do and how awesome you do it. What can a brand ambassador really do for you?


Let’s dig deeper.


Build real connections with your audience by having brand ambassadors act as a liaison between your business and your customers. Whether they’re promoting you online or at an event, these ambassadors give real testimonials and reviews on what makes your business so great. Many people are more apt to listening to their friends or people like them. Brand ambassadors bring your business to audiences you may not have been able to reach on your own. They also provide some human touch to your business which makes you more relatable and ultimately more comfortable to trust.

Increase social engagement and brand awareness by coming up with hashtags for your ambassadors to use. If you have a product based business that people can review, work with online influencers like YouTubers and bloggers to write reviews on your products. Here at DASH, our interns are eager to spread the news about what we’re up to. Having other people start discussions on what your company is doing is a great way to expand your social reach.

Show some brand personality and have a little fun because brand ambassadors are going to be your favorite cheerleaders. People search popular sites for reviews on new services and products every day. Create a spirit team of ambassadors. It’s a great foot in the door way to get your name at the top of someone’s tongue with a positive two thumbs up.


And there it is. Just three reasons for you to consider how great brand ambassadors can be for your business. As a DASH intern, I’m here to tell you we mean what we say. For more tips on things to consider when building your brand ( check out more on the DASH blog.


And by the way, who does your marketing?

DASH’s Founder Featured in N-Touch News

JEANETTE HORDGE is the 23 year-old Founder & Chief Executive Office (CEO) of DASH Coordinating & Marketing, LLC.  As a 2010 graduate of Howard University, Hordge noticed the need for jobs, especially for her peers who had been struggling to find jobs in their ideal career fields.j1

With the determination to provide opportunities for those who have been unemployed, due to the economy, Hordge has taken upon the responsibility of starting her own business.
Hordge is a native of Tampa, Florida. and graduatre of Hillsborough High’s International Baccalaureate program Hordge obtained her degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Human Development at Howard University in Washington, D.C.
While interning at Hard Rock Café’s Embassy’s Sales and Marketing department in Washington, D.C., Jeanette was given the opportunity to coordinate concerts, celebrity album signings and other annual staple projects.
Jeanette also interned at WTTG Fox 5 News station in Bethesda, MD., at and Comcast Sports Network.
She later accepted a position with DuBose Prosthodontics, the DuBose Institute for Dentistry and the DuBose U Program as the Director of Marketing and Event Planning.

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