The Benefits of Monthly Website Maintenance

globeinhandIt’s one thing to develop a new web site or redesign an old one, but it’s also quite another thing to keep one up to date. Many sites are cluttered with dust, trash, and bugs… that is, they’re poorly maintained and the content is noticeably out of date, the links are broken, the consistency of style had degraded, the excellence and relevance are gone. They have become cyber ghost towns. For the short term, you may need a web site tune-up or spring cleaning or long-term you may need a some outside help or a contract webmaster.

Web Site Tune-ups, Overhauls, and Spring Cleaning

Sometimes a web site needs a Spring Cleaning so to speak. Your company webmaster has his/her hands full keeping up with all of the expectaions from different internal customers. It’s often hard to back from the trees and see the forest – the big picture of what is going on with your web site and how it is percieved by people outside your organization – your customers. DASH can do this for you. We have years of experience providing that outside perspective on how your web site is doing. We can provide the quick overhaul that your web site needs:

  • Content freshness
  • Navigation that makes sense
  • Fast loading pages
  • Accurate Meta data and Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics for targeted search and social marketing

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Why Websites Still Matter

Although social media is booming and it seems everyone has a FaceBook or Twitter page, the fact remains that websites still matter.

Website_CollageThere are several social media websites that exist, however, not everyone is depending on those to learn facts about specific services, organizations or businesses. This is why you should take advantage of what a website has to offer.

1. Building Your Brand – A website is a direct representation of your brand. As soon as the homepage loads the viewer gets an immediate feel for the vibe of your brand and what you have to offer. Websites also provide an online storefront medium that should be as helpful as a receptionist. The layout and flow of your website also provides an atmosphere similar to the customer service the viewer will receive through your actual services.

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How To Sell Yourself: You are a brand!

for_sale_meThe best way to sell yourself is through self-promotion. Yes, you have social media platforms, your website, collaborations but what happens when you are face-to-face?

6 Steps To Selling Yourself

1. Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

Being taken seriously has everything to do with your presentation. Represent yourself the BEST way you can. This means ensuring everything is in order from head to toe. When people see you that’s your first impression. So before you get a chance to talk the “walk” has said it all.

2. What Makes You Different?

You won’t be in demand if you have something that most can offer as well. What sets you aside from the rest? What makes you unique? Strive to get that message across as you solicit a potential client. Read more

Top 3 Reasons To Use Instagram As a Marketing Tool

dash image 2 copyBy now you’ve heard the buzz about a new mobile app called Instagram. This new app is similar to twitter however, you only post photos with captions instead of “tweets”. For many of our clients that sentence alone can cause a state of #MentalOverload. So we will try to make this simple.

Instagram has provided an easy method for clients, friends, associates and family members to share photo moments missed and times on which to reminisce.

However, we want our clients to envision Instagram as a marketing platform to constantly post photos, advertisements, products, updates, quotes etc. We advise you use Instagram as a key marketing strategy for 3 simple reasons: Read more

Don’t Hide, Just Seek

Reaching New Customers via Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… all common social media outlets used by businesses and individuals to network and promote their services. While these social media outlets are great, you may be missing out on key clientele by focusing on the wrong sites. Who’s your target audience? What do you offer? Think about where this audience is spending the most of their time online when choosing where to focus your social media marketing380 copy

  1. FaceBook

  2. Twitter

  3. LinkedIn

  4. Pinterest

  5. Google +

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Blacks in Education, Technology and Arts

Majora Carter

Majora Carter

Written By: Jeanette Hordge, CEO @DashMarketing

On Wednesday, September 24, 2014, Blacks in Education, Technology and Arts (BETA) came together for a collaborative discussion at Google DC. The afternoon kicked off with curated talks from leaders in politics, education, the arts and entrepreneurs. Special guests included, Majora Carter, Kimberly Bryant, Jeff Johnson, Ryan Leslie, Michel Redd and Lisa Leslie.

The conversation focused on the need for African Americans to be involved in the Information Technology (IT) industry as innovators, executives and entrepreneurs. In recognizing the growing career paths and opportunities in the technology, engineering and gaming industry special guests stressed the need to diversify these industries. Read more

Money, Wealth & Disparities: Building a Personal Financial Legacy

Written By: Jeanette Hordge, CEO @DashMarketing


Congresswoman Joyce Beatty

On, Thursday, September 25, 2014, during the 44th Annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Legislative Conference (CBCF), Congresswoman Joyce Beatty served as an honorary hosted of the Money, Wealth & Disparities: Building A Personal Financial Legacy forum panel. This panel, moderated by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, addressed the challenges of wealth creation within the African American community.

Panel guests included Gloria Mayfield Banks, Carla Harris, Pamela Everhart, Michael Cristal, Ray Odom, Kerem Heath-Wade and Michele Green.

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty opened the discussion by expressing her support of Financial Literacy within the African American community. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson broke the ice with a few slang phrases and “inside jokes”. Read more

The Cost of Policing & Incarceration: Reflections on Ferguson


Written By: Jeanette Hordge, CEO of Dash Coordinating & Marketing, LLC

“I made a promise to Michael Brown’s parents that we will focus every possible federal resource to this case to bring comfort to her son’s death,” said Congressman John Conyers, Jr.

On, Thursday, September 25, 2014 during the 44th Annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Legislative Conference, a highly anticipated conversation took place at the The Cost of Policing and Incarceration: Reflections on Ferguson panel discussion. Recent events that transpired in Ferguson, Missouri ignited the conversation about racial profiling and issues that challenge our constitutional rights and democracy.

The panel moderator, Michelle Alexander, author and professor at Ohio State University College of Law provided factual and historical facts to address the realities of racial profiling and said, “The rate of police killings of Black Americans is nearly the same as the rate during the Jim Crow lynchings.” Read more

How To Develop A Social Media Strategy

6f95social-media-rubix-cube-400x414Social Media is part of most people’s everyday lives, so why shouldn’t it be part of your business too? In this day and age social media keeps people informed on current events and what’s going on around them, while also letting people communicate with each other. It is imperative that your business has a social media profile on one or more of the popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even a personal profile on LinkedIn, but it doesn’t stop there. There are several key things to focus on in the social media strategy. Read more

How To Network Effectively

NetworkingSo you want to work a room full of people you don’t know? You may think it can be intimidating when you are alone, or it can also be difficult to stir up a conversation and attempt to make connections – I’m telling you it’s not. Here are some tips so you can enjoy great networking strategies at any time.

  • Avoid drifting to people you know or that are familiar. Identify someone new to introduce yourself to. You are here to build your network not mingle with those already a part of it.
  • Since you are alone, look for people standing alone too. They may be in the same boat as you; nervous and wondering who they should talk to. Take the initiative and speak to them. One-on-one networking is the best.
  • Locate the host of the event or any sponsors and introduce yourself to them. Ask them questions pertaining to the event. You may be surprised about what they know or whom they know.

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