June 19, 2015 Dash

HOW TO: Incorporate Social Networking Into Your Daily Life

socialSocial media has made it possible to effectively market yourself and/or your business worldwide. For this reason, the world of online social networking is not going anywhere any time soon. In 2012, and for years to come, it is imperative that you learn how to strategically incorporate social media maintenance into your daily life. For some, this is easy but for others the thought of constantly keeping your “followers”, “friends” and “fans” virtually entertained can seem nearly impossible.

Below you will find a few quick tips on how to effectively maintain your social media profiles while living your daily life:

Mobile Integration:
If you own a smart phone the first thing you should do is download all of the social media applications you use. (Example: Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc.) Almost every major social media platform has developed a mobile application. Once you have installed these apps make sure you login so that you will always be connected.

TIP: If the application ask if you would like “Push Notifications” select [Yes]. This means that you will receive notices if someone messages you or post on your profile page. With these notifications you will be more inclined to respond immediately as oppose to weeks later.

Morning 10 minute Mobile/Laptio Check:
I check my social media pages as soon as I wake up in the morning. Between brushing my teeth, getting dressed, eating breakfast and/or during my commute I quickly scan my profile pages utilizing my smart phone or laptop.tweetthang

  1. Respond to all messages and wall posts.
  2. Check all groups, respond, post comments
  3. Send a quick tweet saying “good morning” or share a quote, bible verse and/or advice to start off the day.

Lunch Break 20 minute Mobile/Laptop Check:

During your lunch hour take a few moments to glance at your social media pages. Stay connected while you are waiting in line for that sandwich or sitting down before that catnap.

  1. Scan through your FaceBook and Twitter news feed to “like” or “comment” on any post that catch your interest.
  2. Visit other websites and “share” articles that catch your attention. Most online articles have a “share” option that will automatically post the article to the social media platform of your choice.
  3. Update you status post with a response to an article you read or a topic that seems to be relevant. This will engage your followers and increase activity on your page.
  4. TWITTER: Retweet or respond to posts that interest you.

Bedtime 15 Minute Mobile/Laptop Check:

While you are laying in your comfortable bed watching the late night news, setting your alarm clock and getting cozy in the sheets take one last look at your social profiles.

  1. Post photos from your mobile phone that you took earlier in the day.
  2. Update your status with a bedtime quote, a remark from something you experienced earlier in the day or simply “goodnight”.
  3. Respond to all messages and wall posts.

Ultimately, social media is a platform that if used right can change your world. From generating new business leads to keeping in touch with long lost friends, social media can be designed and tailored to keep you connected. Find time in your daily life to squeeze in your online efforts to truly maximize on the potential of the World Wide Web.

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