June 19, 2015 Dash

Marketing Isn’t Magic

features-small1Is the first question that comes to mind when we see outdated websites, faded graphic designs and outdated content. However, it is important to understand that marketing cannot solve fundamental business development issues.

Often times we are faced with the challenge of bringing clients to the next level of their brand development although there are loop holes and voids in the foundation in which their business is built on. Some of those loop holes include:

1. Outdated Business Software – This results in the inefficiency of generating reports that essentially provide direction for most marketing strategies. An outdated business software can also prevent DASH from executing effective strategies due to the lack of information retrieval.

2. Overworked Staff Members – Many times businesses place too many responsibilities on one or more employees beyond their job description. For this reason there is information or potential clients that fall through the cracks. As a result, the effectiveness of certain marketing campaigns cannot be accurately assessed since there is no reliable tracking system or person(s) in place.

3. Lack of Designated Marketing Budget – Some may feel that marketing is an option when in reality it is essential to any brand success. When establishing a business plan many potential clients do not consider their marketing cost and fees. Although they may not know the specific marketing investments that will be made, it helps to designate a minimum monthly amount toward anything deemed marketing. That’s why at DASH we provide 12-Month Customized Marketing Strategy Agreements which provide a comprehensive approach to effectively establishing a budget.

4. Incomplete Business Idea & Vision – As a marketing boutique we pride ourselves on understanding the end goal for every client and strategically developing a marketing road map to success. However, this process becomes difficult when the client has no clear vision on their desired end goal. It is essential that business developers take the time to truly think about their business concept, competitive advantage, tagret audience, financial limits and future end goals.

So in reality Marketing Isn’t Magic for clients who have not addressed their fundamental business principles and desire sustainable growth. Marketing provides a voice for brands to their target audiences but that voice must be supported by a strong team and quality product.

So, let DASH help you Start, Save & Succeed! We assist clients with developing their vision and outlining their custom path to success.


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