Dine-N-Dash is a LIVE online web series produced and hosted by Dash Marketing, LLC. As leaders within the virtual event hosting space, DASH has launched this web series to provide opportunities for our guests and viewers to learn, laugh and lead. Hosted by Jeanette Hordge-Smith, this series will undoubtedly influence the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Jeanette once served as the Private Dining Events Coordinator at The Capital Grille located on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. It was there, that she learned the true art of “fine dining”. What mattered most was not who was at the table but the depth of the conversation that was had. Dine-N-Dash, is the virtual space for real conversations that are life-changing, informative and authentic.

DASH stands at the forefront of new media technology solutions and values the opportunity to grow and expand brands virtually.

Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, technology has come to the rescue for many businesses and brands. So, if you or someone you know would like to host or produce a virtual event, contact us today!

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